We’re Here to Serve Dairy Farmers

For over 40 years Hills Supply has been serving dairy farmers in Ohio and the surrounding states. Our commitment is, and has always been, to put the needs of our customers first by providing excellent service. Our knowledgeable staff offer practical and profitable solutions to the myriad of challenges faced by modern dairy producers.

How Can We Help You?

Dairy Equipment Maintenance and Service


The only thing on your farm that works harder than your dairy equipment is you. Proper maintenance and repair is essential to your efficiency, your milk quality, your herd health, and your profitability. The Hills Supply service team is standing by to help with your service and maintenance.  Learn More…
Milking Equipment and Parlors

Milking Equipment & Parlors

The parlor is the heart of every successful dairy farm. Having the dairy milking equipment and parlor configuration that best suits your operation is a key to your success. From parallel and herringbone parlors to rotary and voluntary milking systems, the Hills team can help maximize your production. Learn More…

Dairy Automation & Robotic Solutions

Dairy automation, voluntary milking systems, and robotics are the future of a thriving dairy industry. Technology available today increases milk quality and production while driving production costs down. The Hills Supply team are experts in both retrofit and new construction of robotic dairy farms. Learn More…
Milk Storage and Cooling Equipment

Milk Cooling and Storage Equipment

Proper cooling and storage is a tremendous contributing factor to your dairy’s overall milk quality. Let us help you select and configure your cooling and storage equipment to ensure good workflow and ease of cleaning. Learn More…
Cow Comfort and Manure Handling

Cow Comfort & Manure Handling

Comfortable Cows are Productive Cows and Productive Cows are Profitable Cows.  The Hills Supply team can guide you through the process of evaluating the many factors that contribute to cow comfort on your dairy farm and help you implement the changes that will have the largest impact on your herd. Learn More…
Dairy Herd Management

Herd Management

Assessing the performance of your cows and understanding the needs of your herd are key factors in the success of your dairy farm. Our experts can help you better understand your herd, down to the individual cow, ensuring that every animal receives the best possible care and produces the highest quality milk. Learn More…

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