(LIVE) Cleaning & Cooling Monitoring


Assessing the performance of your cows and understanding the needs of your herd are key factors in the success of your dairy farm. The experts at Hills Supply can help you better understand your herd, down to the individual cow, ensuring that every animal receives the best possible care and produces the highest quality milk possible.

We offer two primary herd management software tools that form the backbone of excellent dairy herd management; DeLavala DelPro and Afimilk’s Afi Farm.

DelPro farm management tools are a suite of integrated dairy herd management tools designed to provide you with easily accessible and understandable data points about your herd and individual animals. The tools analyze and report data being collected from around your farm and deliver it to you in bite-sized pieces to help you make decisions based on:

– Milk Yield

– Feed Efficiency

– Reproductive Health

– Precision Analytics

– Cow Moniotors

– Animal Health Events

– Mastitis Detection

– BCS Scoring

AfiFarm is an integrated herd management system that combines best-in-class cow monitors with in line milk testing as the foundation for gatherimg, managing, and reporting on individual cows. This herd management tool is built to be a scalable solution that includes key functionalitu to make your dairy farm more efficient including:

– Cow Sensors

– Mobile Data Alerts & Display

– Decision Support Tools

– Heat Monitoring and Insemination Timing

– Calving Alerts

– Precision Milking

– Smart Sorting

– Individual Feeding

– And More

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