(LIVE) Cleaning & Cooling Monitoring


The only thing on your farm that works harder than your dairy equipment is you. Proper maintenance and repair is essential to your efficiency, your milk quality, your herd health, and your profitability. The Hills Supply service team is standing by to help with your service and maintenance.
“We service any make and any type of dairy equipment regardless of who made it or who sold it to you”

The best time to perform maintenance and repairs is always before you need to. Routine and preventive maintenance programs keep your dairy equipment, milking equipment, cooling, and storage all functioning at optimal levels.

Ask us how a maintenance program could benefit your farm.

Assessing the performance of your cows and understanding the needs of your herd are key factors in the success of your dairy farm. The experts at Hills Supply can help you better understand your herd, down to the individual cow, ensuring that every animal receives the best possible care and produces the highest quality milk possible.

We offer two primary herd management software tools that form the backbone of excellent dairy herd management; DeLavala DelPro and Afimilk’s Afi Farm.

Even with the best preventive maintenance programs in place, equipment can still break down…and it always seems to break at the worst possible time. When you need emergency service on your dairy equipment, our team is standing by.

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Real-time monitoring of cooling unit performance, milk temperatures & volume, and wash temperatures. This tool gives us LIVE data with the ability to receive alerts directly to a smart phone.

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