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Hill’s Supply is a full-service dairy equipment and supply company. Our goal is to become a dedicated partner in your success. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to help you find cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges you face in your dairy operation and we always work to create integrated solutions that can serve you for a long time. In today’s dairy market, you need the peace of mind that your whole operation is running as efficiently and cost effectively as it can. Hill’s Farm Advisory Services focus on 6 key areas of your dairy operation, and help you make the best decisions possible for your herd.

Our CIP Analysis helps to identify and remedy areas where your process is not performing optimally and where incremental costs may be climbing. We verify that your CIP system is operating at cost-effectively as possible and includes:
– CIP Usage Review

CIP Cost Analysis

– Teat Dip Usage Review

– Total Aftermarket Cost Review

Parts/Service Cost Review

How efficient and effective are your parlor and milking methods? Our parlor efficiency assessments assign quantitative values and clearly show areas where your processes can be improved from the following data points.

– Test End Vacuum

– Udder Hygiene Scores

– Test End Scoring

– Test End Cleanliness Scoring

– Liner Slip Audit (squawks)

– Unit Alignment Assessment

– Liner Performance Evaluation

Analysis and review of the key areas of cow comfort proven to increase milk production and herd health including:

– Cleanliness

– Grooming

– Bedding

– Free Stall Usage Scoring

– Waterer Management

– Feed Bunk Management

Is your milking system performing at its best? Our Dynamic Systems Analysis checks these key points and provides actionable items to improve efficiency.

– System Vacuum Testing


– Receiver Vacuum

– Pulsator Line Vacuum

– Pulsation Check

– Milking Systems

An evaluation and consultation on the specific key performance indicators that drive your dairy.

– Customized for your operation

– Easy to read dashboards

– Score tracking for constant improvement

Cows with good feet move easier, eat more, drink more often, and produce more milk. Our hoof health assessments are designed to track hoof health and set a path for improvement when necessary. These assessments include:

– Hoof Hygiene Scoring

– Hoof Health Scoring

– Locomotion Scoring Footbath

– Proficiency Assessment

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